Key Officials

Chief Executive: Jane Grant

Chairperson: John Brown

Medical Director: Dr Jennifer Armstrong

The largest healthboard in Scotland, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde serves a population of 1.14 million and employs around 39,000 members of staff. There are 35 hospitals in the region and over 300 pharmacies. The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, which opened in 2008, is situated in the West End of Glasgow.

Secondhand smoke in Scottish prisons plummets
Health experts hail smoking ban a ‘public health success’ as air quality in prisons now similar to outdoor conditions…
Frontline workers trained to spot signs of suicide
Initiative run by Glasgow’s health & social care partnership emphasises ‘anyone can help prevent suicide’…
Steps forward for justice system standards of care
Organisations report on the development of set standards for children who are victims & witnesses of violence…

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