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Key Facts

With a population of approximately 513,000, Edinburgh’s Health and Social Care Partnership divides the city into four localities, namely: North West; North East; South East; and South West.

Meeting the service needs of a growing population is a significant for the area, as well as providing for more people who are living longer but not necessarily healthier lives. The strategic plan notes an increase in the prevalence of long-term conditions in the population overall too. The Council and its housing association partners have agreed to invest up to £300m to deliver around 3,000 affordable homes and integrated health, care and support services as part of a broader programme to build 16,000 affordable homes over the next ten years. As of July 2018 there were 73 GP surgeries in the area.

Key Officials

Chief Officer: Judith Proctor
Chair: Councillor Ricky Henderson
Vice Chair: Carolyn Hirst

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