New HIS board members appointed

Jeane Freeman announces the appointment of four new members to the board of Scotland’s health & care improvement body

Thursday 14th March 2019

Christine Lester, Gill Graham, Rhona Hotchkiss and Suzanne Dawson have been appointed to the Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) board.

HIS is the national improvement organisation that works with local communities and individuals receiving or providing care to improve health and social care across Scotland.

As well as carrying out inspections, it oversees the development of clinical guidelines for doctors, shares best practice

The appointments will last for four years with Gill Graham, Rhona Hotchkiss and Suzanne Dawson running from 1st March 2019 to 28th February 2023 and Christine Lester running from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2023.

Previously a non-executive member and vice chair of the Grampian NHS board, Christine Lester also held the position of chair of Moray Integration Joint Board. She joined the Accounts Commission for Scotland in January 2019 and continues to work as a volunteer advisor with the Citizens Advice Bureau in Elgin. 

Since 1990, when she joined Scottish Power, Gill Graham has worked in the energy industry. Prior to then she lectured in mathematics. Gill returned to Scotland at the end of 2018 after working for many years as the head of the operations business unit of Vattenfall with utility company Nuon.

Rhona Hotchkiss has 40 years’ experience with the public sector having trained as a nurse, specialising in intensive care and cardiac rehabilitation, before moving to the then Scottish Executive as an advisor in nursing and quality. 

Suzanne Dawson has non-executive director experience in health and education. She was a member of the Scottish Ambulance Service board for eight years where she chaired their Clinical Governance Committee during a period of heightened concern around patient safety and the introduction of a significant adverse event policy.