Locals asked how to get it right for Fife

Fifers are being asked to share their views on the future of health and social care services across the Kingdom

Wednesday 24th April 2019

Fife residents are being asked by the local health and social care partnership (HSCP) to give their views on how services should be delivered in future.

Fife HSCP – which is in charge of delivering some health and social care services on behalf of NHS Fife and Fife Council – wants input from local citizens on how the ‘enormous’ challenges faced by the community should be addressed.

The local HSCP has produced a draft plan for people to provide feedback on.

Launching the consultation, the director of Fife HSCP, Mike Kellet, said:

“Ensuring the people of Fife continue to live well is paramount to everything we do. We will continue to be innovative in our approach to delivering services, given the increasing demand.

“There is considerable financial pressure on the partnership, and on public services generally. We need to build on our successes over the past three years and continue to look for ways to do things differently to ensure we are sustainable in the future.

“But to meet these challenges head on, we need to have a plan and a focus for the next three years.”

As is the case across the rest of Scotland, Fife’s population is ageing – the number of people aged 75 and over is predicted to increase by 44.6% by 2024, with many of those individuals living with more than one long-term health condition.

The partnership has also faced claims it has been underfunded since it was founded, as it struggles with a historic deficit.

Other priority areas in the draft plan include promoting mental health and wellbeing, and, while ‘the financial position for public services continues to be challenging’, the HSCP will seek to manage resources effectively to deliver quality outcomes for individuals and carers.

Addressing residents, Councillor Rosemary Liewald, chair of the HSCP’s governing board, added:

“There is a real commitment to work with the people of Fife to provide health and social care services so people stay well and live longer and healthier lives. What do you think of this? Do you agree with the priorities we want to focus on for the next three years?

“We ultimately want to make a difference to the lives of Fifers, providing more joined up care and working collaboratively to forge better partnerships with communities; to shift the balance of care to make communities more resilient.

“We can’t do this alone. We need to understand your views on how we are doing and the areas we need to focus on to ensure this happens. What you think will help inform this plan for the next three years.”