Success for Argyll pulmonary rehabilitation classes

Workouts run by health & care partnership “customised” to help people with lung disease

Tuesday 7th May 2019

People in Helensburgh and the Lomond area with respiratory problems are being offered breathing and exercise classes to help build up their strength and fitness.

A specialist respiratory nurse and a physiotherapist from Argyll and Bute health & social care partnership run the classes, which consist of targeted exercises as well as health and wellbeing advice to help people manage their condition.

The pulmonary rehabilitation classes are aimed at patients suffering from lung conditions like COPD, bronchieactisis and pulmonary fibrosis, a disease that causes scarring on the inside of the lungs.

Patients can access the classes through their GP or practice nurse.

Alison Hosie, who helps run the classes, said: “Breathing exercises and physical activity can help all patients with lung disease.

“Patients attending the classes have very positive outcomes on their quality of life.  The class also encourages people to connect with others diagnosed with breathing conditions.

“The exercises are customised to meet each patient’s needs and stamina helping them to reach their full potential. When they start the course, we assess their breathing and take into consideration any other conditions and diseases.

“I am really pleased when I see patients being empowered to take ownership of their condition. It is rewarding to see them improve and taking positive steps to take better care of their overall health and wellbeing, which really does help to avoid exacerbations.”