Child abuse survivor payments begin

Hopes scheme will provide ‘tangible recognition’ of harm suffered by children abused in care

Tuesday 14th May 2019

A redress scheme for survivors who were abused while in care has made its first payments.

The Scottish Government hopes it will provide ‘tangible recognition’ of the harm done to them as children.

The advanced payment initiative is the first stage of a formal redress scheme planned for 2021 so that survivors who are aged over 70 or terminally ill can still benefit.

Five payments have been approved, eight are set to be processed and a further 36 are being considered. 

Meanwhile, a dedicated phone line with specially trained staff to help survivors apply has received around 150 calls.

The scheme opened last month, offering eligible applicants a flat rate payment of £10,000.

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister, said: “While nothing can take away the pain that individuals have suffered, the payments are recognition of the harm done to children who were abused while in care in Scotland.

“We put in place a simple yet robust application process and are focused on helping survivors and their families throughout the process.”