Scanning equipment donated to Ninewells Hospital

“Potentially ground-breaking” device gifted by Michelle Henderson Cervical Cancer Trust

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Women attending cervical screening tests at Ninewells hospital in Dundee are to benefit from specialist scanning equipment donated by the Michelle Henderson Cervical Cancer Trust.

The ZedScan device was donated by former Scotland footballer Willie Henderson, whose daughter Michelle founded the trust while she battled the disease before passing away aged 28.

“Michelle set up the Trust to give back to those who had helped her during her treatment,” Mr Henderson said. “She also wanted to raise awareness of the condition and in turn raise funds towards hospital equipment, medicines and support groups for women suffering from the illness.”

Now Mr Henderson campaigns to raise awareness of cervical screening.

He said: “We have been involved in a lot of fundraising and some of the women I have spoken to have told me they are embarrassed to get their cervical smear. I tell them that embarrassment won’t kill you, but cervical cancer might – it is so important for women to go for their screening.”

The new scanner will be used to detect early stage cervical abnormalities that can develop into cancer.

Dr Kalpana Ragupathy, lead colposcopist at the hospital, explained: “The ZedScan device has the potential to more accurately identify women who need treatment in the colposcopy clinic. This means that women with nothing to worry about can be discharged sooner and those who have pre-cancerous changes can be picked up and treated earlier.”

Dr Wendy McMullen, gynaecology cancer lead, added: “It is essential we are able to embrace the latest technological advances in screening, especially as we are now screening young women who have been immunized against the human papilloma (HPV) virus and will soon be using HPV testing as part of the screening programme.

“We very much hope this potentially ground-breaking equipment will allow us to deliver the very best standard of care to women in Tayside.”




Picture: Dr Kalpana Ragupathy holding the ZedScan, next to Willie Henderson alongside Chief Executive Grant Archibald (furthest right), staff from obstetrics and gynaecology department and representatives from Zilico