Mental health quality & safety board to be set up

Critical interim report on mental health services in NHS Tayside prompts government to establish new oversight group

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

“New thinking is required to address the serious challenges that are facing the provision of mental health services in NHS Tayside”, according to an interim report on mental health services published today.

Clare Haughey, the Minister for Mental Health, has said the Scottish Government is taking “immediate action” by moving to establish a national quality and safety board for mental health that Ms Haughey will chair.

Commenting on the publication, the Minister said:

“I would like to thank David Strang for his interim report, which has highlighted several areas where NHS Tayside needs to take urgent action to significantly improve services.

“It is absolutely vital that people using our mental health services, as well as those delivering our services, feel safe and know they will receive the right help, in the right place when they need it.

“The health board commissioned this independent inquiry in response to concerns about both the quality of, and access to, mental health services in Tayside and it is now imperative that the board immediately act on the findings of this interim report.”

While meeting with the chief executive and chair of NHS Tayside, Grant Archibald and John Brown, yesterday alongside the chief officers of the Perth and Kinross, Dundee and Angus health and social care partnerships, the Minister said she was offered assurances “that immediate action will take place” following the report.

She continued: “This will build on improvements made to services since Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s Review of Adult Mental Health Services in Tayside, which published last year.

“The Scottish Government is also taking immediate action in response to this report. It is vital that the issues raised in Tayside are not present elsewhere, which is why today I am setting up and will chair a national Quality and Safety Board for Mental Health.

“This will create the right conditions to develop and spread excellence - we know many areas already have high quality services in place and we want to see those approaches replicated across the country, so that people can access high quality services when they need them.

“It will also bring together all agencies currently involved in providing assurance on mental health services to ensure that we have clarity and certainty that the correct arrangements are in place to assess the quality and effectiveness of services.

“In addition, when the inquiry concludes its work, I will ensure that the lessons learned and its recommendations will be shared widely across Scotland.”