Renfrewshire council Carer Positive employer

Local authority has “genuine commitment” to helping staff who are also carers

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Renfrewshire council has been recognised as a Carer Positive employer for the support and flexibility it offers staff who have to provide care for loved ones.

Since last year, employees who are primary carers can get extra paid leave to help them balance work and caring commitments.

Now the council is working towards the next stage of the award by involving employees who are carers in the development of support policies.

A forum is to be established so carers can advise each other, access training opportunities and raise awareness of the support on offer.

Zara Kerr, a housing assistant at Renfrewshire council, said: “We all know the importance of having a positive physical and mental health and there are now more carers trying to balance all aspects of their life.

“I've been able to use the Carers Leave Policy to care for my mother without having to use all of my allocated annual leave. It's allowed me to continue with my role as her primary carer, without her feeling like a burden and without having a detrimental effect on either of our mental or physical wellbeing.”

Sue McLintock of Carer Positive added: “We are delighted to recognise Renfrewshire Council as a Carer Positive employer.

“The local authority has demonstrated a genuine commitment to supporting staff with caring responsibilities and developing a culture where they feel valued and will undoubtedly benefit in terms of their health and wellbeing. It is encouraging to see the importance placed on making life better for carers, not just within the authority, but in the wider community as well.”