Patient safety improves across Lanarkshire hospitals

Monday 17th June 2019

All three acute hospitals in Lanarkshire are in the top ten across Scotland for reductions in death rates, a key patient safety measurement reveals.

University Hospital Monklands has the lowest hospital standardised mortality ratio (HSMR) of any of the 29 participating hospitals.

Meanwhile, University Hospital Wishaw is the most improved hospital on mainland Scotland, with a 30% reduction in the hospital safety measure.

Overall, NHS Lanarkshire was ranked the most improved board, with a 26% HSMR fall.

Dr Jane Burns, medical director for NHS Lanarkshire, said: “I am delighted with the recently published figures. All of our staff work extremely hard to provide the best quality service to our patients.

“While many contributory factors drive changes in HSMR, these figures reflect very positively on the hard work and dedication of our staff across all three acute hospitals in Lanarkshire, who are doing excellent work to improve the safe care of our patients.”

National regulators step in if the HSMR ratio, which has been used as a key measurement in the Sottish Patient Safety Programme since December 2009, increases.

The initiative was found to have reduced post-surgery deaths by more than a third.

Professor Jason Leitch, NHS Scotland clinical director, said: “Along with a number of other contributory factors the Scottish Patient Safety Programme is helping us reduce hospital mortality and reduce avoidable harm at every stage of care.”

He added: “There is a strong commitment to patient safety right across Scotland’s NHS, and the performance of NHS Lanarkshire’s acute hospitals is a reflection of that. I congratulate Lanarkshire’s staff for their efforts.”