Wellbeing services set to help more Borderers

Friday 28th June 2019

Wellbeing services in the Scottish Borders have combined to help more local residents improve their health.

The new single service replaces and brings together the previous LASS (lifestyle advice and support service), Doing Well and Quit Your Way services.

Evidence-based interventions and early preventative support for people who wish to change their lifestyle and improve their emotional wellbeing are being amalgamated, including stop smoking services and lifestyle support to increase physical activity, reduce weight and promote healthy eating.

Previously patients could see up to three separate advisers, one for each of the support strands included within our overall Wellbeing Service,” explains Dr Tim Patterson, director of public health at NHS Borders.

Every wellbeing service adviser is trained to deliver support across these three distinctive strands of support, improving accessibility, increasing service capacity and providing a more holistic service.

Now our simplified and streamlined service means that every patient will only see one Wellbeing Service Adviser who is dedicated to their care and trained to offer tailored support across a range of topics.

This ensures our patients receive more integrated, person-centred care which can address multiple factors that may be affecting them.

For example someone experiencing low mood may make poorer diet and exercise choices, so now one adviser can provide holistic and tailored support for each person.”