Financial support for terminally ill ‘outdated’

Thursday 4th July 2019

A report on current DWP rules that mean benefits are only fast-tracked if a terminally ill person has a diagnosis of six months or less has concluded the system is ‘outdated’ and ‘unrealistic’.

The current rules are “arbitrary and not based on clinical reality” and leaves terminally ill people facing “far reaching financial hardship and crippling debt” the report states.

SNP MP Drew Hendry, chair of the all-party parliamentary group on terminal illness, has condemned the six-month time period upon which personal independence payments are expedited.

Authority to change the system of payments remains reserved to the Westminster Parliament.

He has said the report reveals current policy “leaves terminally ill people facing devastating and far reaching financial hardship” and has called for it to be scrapped immediately.

The current rules seriously restrict access to vital financial support for many terminally ill people, whose condition will only deteriorate, but who may live for longer than six months.

Terminally ill people and their families across Scotland and the rest of the UK are being failed miserably...

It is incumbent on us to do everything we can to ensure that the time they have left is lived with dignity. That is why we set up this cross-party group and why we are calling on the Minister to scrap this rule.”