Scotland’s care homes celebrated

Wednesday 17th July 2019

From palliative and end of life care provision to utilising new technology to enable residents to live better, the positive role being played by Scotland’s care homes is being celebrated today.

The representative body for independent social care services in Scotland, Scottish Care is behind the first care home celebration day.

Looking to dispel some of the negative views held about care homes, Scottish Care is highlighting the part they play in communities, looking after the health and wellbeing of thousands of Scots.

“It’s an important day that allows us to celebrate the vital work that our care home sector does in helping people live fulfilling lives in a homely setting,” says Jeane Freeman, Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport.

“As we all get older, care homes matter more to us as we live longer lives. As Health Secretary I have had the privilege of seeing how they are adapting and changing to meet our changing needs as citizens across Scotland.”

From gardening in care homes to partnerships with mother and baby groups, the opportunities residents have for activities helping them stay connected to others, learn new skills or indeed improve their health and wellbeing are a key focus of the day.

The staff contribution to the delivery of care in Scotland will also be praised, alongside technological innovations being used to improve residents’ lives and help deliver better care.