Podcast: a technology revolution in diabetes

Scottish campaign group calls for swifter access to insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring

Thursday 25th July 2019

A Scottish campaigning organisation says there has been a sea-change in the technology available for people with diabetes since it was founded a decade ago – but too few Scots are benefitting.

IPAG was formed to raise awareness of the opportunities for people with Type 1 diabetes to replace regular injections of insulin with portable pumps. As pumps were becoming more advanced, the technology for monitoring a person’s blood glucose levels was also moving from testing finger-prick blood droplets to getting constant readouts from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices – with the option for some of linking both monitoring and pumps into an automated closed loop.

The group’s chair Mary Moody has been telling healthandcare.scot’s John Macgill about the daily challenge of managing diabetes.

Mary Moody Podcast


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