Plans for new Monklands hospital review outlined

Wednesday 31th July 2019

A fresh assessment of potential sites for University Hospital Monklands is being undertaken, which will ask the public for feedback on any proposed locations.

NHS Lanarkshire faced opposition over its plans to move the hospital from Airdrie to Gartcosh, with concerns raised about the consultation process.

An independent review said the selection process for the location should be re-run, with Health Secretary Jeane Freeman ruling out the option of rebuilding the hospital on its existing site.

The health board has now approved proposals on how to implement the recommendations of the review.

A new Monklands replacement oversight board will be established, chaired by Dr Lesley Thomson QC, with members including independent external affiliates such as patient representatives.

The site re-evaluation process will involve the board working with North Lanarkshire Council to identify and assess potential locations that meet certain selection criteria.

An independent adviser will also oversee a public consultation on the proposed hospital locations, which will outline key issues of interest to the public such as public transport provision.

In addition, there will be an independently-chaired re-evaluation exercise for the two locations that previously scored highest for the new hospital – Gartcosh and Glenmavis - and any other new sites identified.

Neena Mahal, chair of the NHS Lanarkshire board, said: “I am pleased that the board has now approved detailed plans in response to the recommendations of the Independent Review Panel.

“The board recognised these proposals focus on the need for greater transparency and on taking account of the public’s views, including the use of independent advisers to oversee further engagement work.

“This will allow the Monklands Replacement Project to move forward as we address the urgent need to provide a new University Hospital Monklands for the communities of Lanarkshire.”