Health services help man overturn DWP sanction

Man facing eviction receives £2,500 after money advice team spots welfare agency mistake

Saturday 31th August 2019

A North Ayrshire man received £2,500 in benefits he had been mistakenly sanctioned for after the intervention of local health services.

He had not received any payments for ten months and faced imminent eviction since the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) decided to halt his benefits in July 2018.

North Ayrshire health & care partnership’s money matters team spotted the incorrect decision and helped the local successfully challenge the DWP.

The man received £2,542 he should have been paid.

Financial advisors also helped him avoid eviction by accessing a £500 support payment to cover his arrears.

The story was revealed in the partnership’s annual report.

Health services can immediately direct people facing eviction or needing foodbank vouchers to welfare experts, where they can be seen without a wait.

In 2018/19 advisors in North Ayrshire helped vulnerable people access nearly £10m in benefits they were entitled to.

Since 2015, locals have received more than £34m of extra support as a result.